Unique Brands with a story to tell

What makes a product stand out? To us it is three things, design, quality and the "brand". What defines a brand to us is what you actually have to say about it. The history behind it, how it's made its unique flavour or just a little quriosity that somehow sticks to your mind. Therefore we work with all theese three important aspects of our products. See our products here.

Who are we?

After several years in the spirtits industry the duo of Lars Renbjer and Martin Magnusson, founders of the Swedish import and distribution company Renbjer & Magnusson decided to create their own brands and products. They saw gaps in the market and decided to make a long lasting dream of their own line of brands come true. Today Integity Spirits has its own distribution for on and off trade in the US with an office locaded in Miami (FL.)


Integrity Spirtits, c/o Renbjer & Magnusson AB, Stora Nygatan 25, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden

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